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Supported TouchBound functions

Supported locks

Supported bodies

The KDC Warden Straitjacket was designed to fit Classic (non mesh) avatars and 'Avatar 2.0' bodies, made by Utilizator Mode. It comes with a fitmesh breast version and a flat chested version.

Feel free to try the demos on other bodies but no guaranties are provided there.

IMPORTANT Adjusting the jacket to your avatar

The KDC Warden Straitjacket contains a mix of rigged and unrigged parts as well as separate attachments for the straps and touch points. It is most likely that you will have to move the unrigged parts in place to fit your own avatar. Use Ctrl+Alt+T to highlight transparent objects and ensure the following:

The proxy/clickers

The KDC Warden Straitjacket comes with 3 extra attachments:

  • Proxy (left hand)
  • Proxy+strap (right hand)
  • Crotch strap (pelvis)

Because of the way SecondLife rigged meshs are handled, it is not possible to make them clickable, as a result, “proxy” objects have to be used for clickable areas that are away from the main attachment point.

* The two hand proxies are used when someone want to strap/unstrap the straitjacket sleeves, they also show the flexible strap on the left hand when untied. * The crotch strap proxy is used when someone wants to strap/unstrap the straitjacket crotch strap, it also shows a flexible strap dangling between the wearer legs when the crotch strap is untied.

NOTE: If you do not wear those clickers it means that other avatars cannot tie/untie your straitjacket sleeves or crotch strap, you can use this if you only want to wear it in a specific way.


A D-ring can be used to draw a leash from the straitjacket, it can also be padlocked like any TouchBound leashing rings.


The KDC Warden Straitjacket will attempt to RLV lock as soon as either the back straps or the sleeves are tied.

Once the sleeves are tied at any tightness level, they can be padlocked together, which prevents manipulating them in any way (tightening/loosening/unbuckling).


The jacket has 3 areas that can be strapped with varying levels of tightness:

  • The crotch strap (1 level)
  • The back straps (2 levels)
  • The sleeves (4 levels)

If the sleeves are tied together, the wearer will have to undo them before they can undo anything else on the jacket.

The crotch strap can be undone freely if the sleeves and the back of the jacket are unstrapped.

Loose binding

The wearer (and only the wearer) can tie all the elements of the jacket to a special “level zero” that doesn't require any struggling to get free of. This is useful if you want the look without the hassle of being trapped.


Once the wearer has been strapped to level 1 or more his only option will be to struggle.

A text HUD will appear as his avatar will begin to struggle frantically (it is recommended to zoom out a little during mini-games to make the interface more readable).

The rules of the struggle mini-game are very simple:

  • Press the required key (forward/backward/left/right) in the order presented.
  • You have 60 seconds until your avatar is too exhausted to continue and must rest.
  • Hitting the wrong key will tire your avatar more quickly.

The number of keystrokes required to complete a struggle depends of how tight the straitjacket element that you are struggling out of is. However the resting time and the penality for hitting the wrong key is determined by the overall state of the straitjacket.

If you successfully beat a mini-game level, the part that you struggled out of will go down one level in tightness. For example, if you succeed in struggling out of the sleeves at level 3, you will have to struggle 2 more times at level 2 and level 1 before you are free from their embrace.

Note: Once the sleeves are unbuckled you will still have to struggle out of the jacket itself, struggling out of the crotch strap first can be a strategic move.


  • Level 1: 50 keystrokes (very easy to get out).
  • Level 2: 60 keystrokes (most people can get out of this one after a bit of training).
  • Level 3: 70 keystrokes (very difficult especially if combined with a high penalty).
  • Level 4: (new): 80 keystrokes (extremely difficult if not impossible).


The penalty per wrong keystrokes goes from 1 to 7 seconds if all the straitjacket elements are buckled at their tightest setting.

  • sleeves: +1 to +4
  • back straps: 0 to +2
  • crotch strap: 0 to +1

The resting period goes from 30 to 210 seconds if all the straitjacket elements are buckled at their tightest setting.

  • sleeves: +30 to +120
  • crotch strap: 0 to +60
  • back straps: 0 to +30

Struggle mini-game color

By default, the warden straitjacket struggle mini-game is displayed in slate gray. You can change that color to make the text more readable.

There is a configuration notecard in the Warden Straitjacket inventory named:


Using the pattern: “config.struggle.color=<R,G,B>” You can change the color used by the struggle mini-game by renaming the config notecard.


Touch control

When the straitjacket sleeves are tied together, the user will be unable to interact with any TouchBound object ( with RLV, no objects at all ), excepted the mittens themselves, you will have to free the sleeves first to be able to use anything else.

NOTE: It means that to unlock yourself you cannot use rezzed keys, you have to use hud worn keys.

Auto Alpha

The KDC Warden Straitjacket support automatic Alpha slices for Avatar 2.0 out of the box. Classic Avatar users have to use a RLV compatible viewer and setup the provided Alpha mask in the following #RLV folder:

The 3 subfolders work as follow:

  • alpha: The content of this folder will be worn when wearing the jacket.
  • tied: The content of this folder will be worn when the sleeves of the jacket are tied.
  • untied: The content of this folder will be worn when the sleeves of the jacket are not tied up.

The intent of the new tied/untied folder is to allow avatars that need a slightly different shape when the sleeves are tied to automatically switch body shape rather than having to do so manually.

NOTE: Any object/wearable in these folders will be attached/worn/detached automatically when the KDC Warden Straitjacket is attached, so you can also put your crotch strap/proxies there if you want to.


There are 3 HUDs available for the KDC Warden Straitjacket, they all share similar functions:

  • The base material set: features correctional/medical canvas materials.
  • The leather material set.
  • The latex material set.

All those huds have a special “presets” script that you can edit to add more color presets, the default ones are only suggestions.

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