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  • Optimized mesh and materials.
  • Only two scripts required.
  • Sending and receiving of text and Morse code messages.
  • 4 memory banks for storing your most used frequencies.
  • Roleplay friendly encryption.
  • Audio rendition of Morse code.
  • Anti repetition system, no matter how many radios are around, you will only receive a message once.
  • Custom sound effects.
  • Toggleable power for the different functions.
  • Can be used even when wearing RLV gags (your message will still be muffled however).

Sending messages

To send a message, ensure that the radio is on, and that a frequency is set. Then simply enter your message in local chat starting with the letter “;”. A beeping noise will confirm that a message has been sent.


;Hello world

Receiving messages

Messages are automatically received and can be heard by anyone in a 5 meter radius around the radio unit, as long as said radio is powered and has it's corresponding 'speaker' active.

The menu interface

The radio interface can be opened by clicking the radio. The button layout and wording is ment to mimic the layout of a real digital radio.

You will be presented with a set of 3 letter buttons.


This option will toggle the unit power on and off. When unpowered, it cannot send or receive messages.


Will allow you to set the frequency that your radio unit will listen and broadcast on. The possible frequencies range from 88.1 to 108.1 in 0.1 Mhz increments.


Will clear the frequency that the radio is currently using.


Will switch memory bank. This unit has 4 memory banks that can remember a distinct radio frequency and it's shift value.


Will toggle on and off the reception of text communications. The corresponding LED will change from red to green.


Will toggle on and off the Morse code transducer. The corresponding LED will change from red to green.


Will 'shift' the radio codec by one byte. This function will scramble sent and received messages for anyone who isn't set on the same shift value. The shift value can go from 0 to 2.

Behavior when rezzed

When rezzed inworld, the radio will still receive messages but will not accept to send messages (in compliance with Linden Labs Term of Service about recording devices). The owner of the radio can still change its settings.

To set the radio menu to public, click and hold until the hidden menu pops up.

Sending Morse code

It is detected automatically if you only use Morse recognized letters ( dot, dash, space )


;.... . .-.. .-.. ---   .-- --- .-. .-.. -..

While not mandatory, individual Morse symbols should be separate by a space, and each words by 3 spaces or more. If you wish to learn Morse code, I recommend the Koch method:

Morse code abbreviations:

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