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Classic Leather Pet Muzzle Classic Wire Pet Muzzle

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • Neck buckles: Locking point.

Supported locks

Adjusting the muzzle

The muzzle can be slightly difficult to adjust to your avatar, here are a few pointers to help you do so.

  • The overhead strap can be completely removed or simply hidden using the HUD.
  • The overhead strap is composed of two independent meshs, one for the mask connector and the other for the overhead strap.
  • Shading was not baked on the overhead strap and connector to allow as much freedom as possible for adjustment.

For your convenience, the product come with 4 pre-adjusted muzzles: Classic Avatar, M3A2 (Avatar 2.0), M3 and M3 Venus.

Coloring HUD

The Classic leather Pet Muzzle comes with an easy to use coloring HUD that allow you to change the color and textures of the leather and the metal colors.

The HUD has a special “presets” script that you can edit to add more color presets, the default ones are only suggestions.

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