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The personal alarm is a cute little accessory based on personal defense alarms that can sometimes be found in Japan and other countries and are carried by children, young ladies or anyone who feel the need for some way to atract attention in case of emergency.

Alarm function

A brief left-click on the alarm will cause your avatar to yank the pin out of the device and throw either the pin (pullpin version), or the device itself (grenade version)

From that point the device will flash and the alarm sound will begin to play, and will do so until the temporary projectile is “re-attached” or eventually derezzes (through parcel auto-return, manual delete, or timeout).

The projectile is always thrown in the direction the person using it is facing.

Re-attaching the device/pin

If the user is close enough, the projectile can be clicked to attempt to re-attach it. This can be performed by the object's owner or anyone else in range, but the object owner will have to be close enough too.

Trail and beacon particles

When thrown, the device will leave a trail particle to make it easier to track where it went.

In addition, once it stopped moving, the device will display yellow arrows to indicate its position.

Rez permissions

To use the primary function, the land that the owner is standing on has to be configured to allow them to rez objects and run scripts. If this isn't the case, a message indicating that the device won't budge will be displayed.

Signal function

Clicking and holding down the left mouse button allows the owner of the object to toggle the “signal beacon” mode of the KDC personal Alarm on or off. It will simply light up the device's LEDs (no flashing) to make it more visible at night.

Grenade vs Pullpin

The pullpin variations of the KDC Personal alarm have a little strap and a red handle attached to the pin. When the device is thrown, the pin, handle and strap assembly will be thrown and the alarm will remain on the wearer/owner.

The grenade variation does the opposite and when thrown, the alarm itself will be thrown while the pin will remain on the wearer. It is purely a matter of preference.

The red handle was added to make the thrown object more visible, but can be safely edited out if you wish to customize your Personal Alarm.

Permissions for others

In the default configuration, the KDC Personal alarm is configured to be fully public, which allows anyone in a 2 meter range to yank and throw your personal alarm.

If this behavior is not something you wish, there are two notecards inside the Personal Alarm inventory that can be renamed to change this behavior:

  • config.GroupOnly : If set to “config.GroupOnly=YES”, only allows the wearer and people in the same group as the Personal alarm to use it.
  • config.OwnerOnly : If set to “config.OwnerOnly=YES”, only allows the wearer to use the Personal Alarm.


The KDC Personal Alarm is designed to be modification friendly and safely supports the following:

  • Alarm sound loop replacement: Simply replace the sound inside the alarm (pullpin) or inside the projectile (grenade).
  • Re-coloring: Simply change the color of the alarm part you wish to recolor (body, LEDs), for your convenience, colors on the grenade variation are automatically synchronized with the projectile.
  • Re-linking and editing: All the parts are modifiable and the models are cut up in convenient sections. (see below)

Mesh parts

The KDC Personal Alarms are broken into the following mesh parts:

  • Alarm unit
  • Ring
  • Pin
  • Chain section with swivel
  • Snap hook
  • Pull handle
  • Pull strap

The linking order doesn't matter as long as the alarm unit is the root prim and all the other objects are named accordingly.


The shipped alarms are set to attach to the chest slot by default and are not placed in any specific fashion since I cannot predict where you will want it attached (belt? backpack? somewhere else?).

So unfortunately you will have to place it yourself. The different parts should give you plenty of options to make it hang just right


I am attempting a “pay what you want” approach for this product, you get to decide how much you think it is worth and the more you give, the more you get.

The vendor can be found at the KDC Main Store.

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