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The tether points are available in several shapes to be easily integrated in your home or play space. They act as a fixed anchor point for your TouchBound System tools and toys and are LockMeister compatible.

Item name: KDC Tether Point
Prims: copy,modify
Prim count: 1
Scripts: copy
Script count: 1
Version: 1
Compatible with: TouchBound System Collar, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, Padlock System


  • Click the tether point and then the tether ring on the person you wish to chain to this point ( the order you click the two elements does not matter ).
  • Repeat the operation to remove the chain.
  • The leash length is automatically set to the distance between the tether point and the slave when the leashing occurred.


While all the tether points are suspension compatible, only tether points specifically named “suspension” are able to adjust the height of a suspension.

IMPORTANT: You need to use a TouchBound System Padlock to secure the chain, otherwise, anyone can remove it.

RLV Features

  • A person who is tethered cannot teleport on their own or receive teleport offers from others.
  • A person who is tethered is limited to touching objects in their direct vicinity.
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