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Common Features

The padlock system provides an intuitive, flexible system for locking/unlocking bondage hardware that mimics the behaviour of real life padlocks. The systems has several types of padlock, which share common traits:

  • If a padlock/key is worn (as a HUD or on any attach point) only it's owner can use it.
  • If a padlock/key is rezzed on the ground, anyone can use it. This allows roleplay sims to provide an easy way to bind all their public slaves with the same key.
  • Anybody can close a padlock they have access to. This allows for self bondage scenarios or to put locks and keys at different locations.
  • The padlocks transfer their appearance to the object they lock, allowing some interesting customisation possibilities. So the look of the padlocks on a collar or cuffs or other bondage equipment depends on the type of padlock used to lock it
  • The padlocks add custom text In the DESCRIPTION field of the object(s) they lock. This text can be customized by editing the DESCRIPTION field of the padlock.1)

TouchBound System Padlocks are compatible with the following TouchBound Sytem products: Collars, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs

Touch Functions

  • Padlock/Key ↔ Any Compatible object: Will lock or unlock an object.
    • Unlocking will only occur if the proper key is used.
    • In general you will need to click the part you wish to lock if there are more than one lockable area.
  • Padlock ↔ Key: Will test if the padlock and key you touched match each other.
    • Use this to test keyed padlocks should you mix up your keys or remove the identification code from the DESCRIPTION field.

IMPORTANT: Padlocks or keys are not destroyed when used, you can lock any number of objects with a single lock, there is no point in having several copies for yourself, unless if you need extra copies of sets that you want to give to other people.

Padlock Types

Biometric Padlocks

Biometric padlocks usually bear a fingerprint reader or other recognition device. These padlocks can only be opened by people who have been recorded as authorized users.

The first time someone uses the padlock, they will be asked if they want it to record their biometric signature.
If the person accepts, the padlock will memorize them as an authorized user.
Only the authorized user can unlock biometric padlocks by touching the padlock and the item they wish to unlock.
The biometric padlock's custom description default to “Property of <Avatar>” (you can change it of course). Biometric padlock sets are supplied with TouchBound System items, and further padlocks packs can be purchased from KDC vendors.


  1. Give the lock to the Dom/me that you want to control your restraint
  2. Lock owner should wear the lock as a HUD
  3. Lock owner should touch the lock and respond to the dialog confirming that you want to register your fingerprint

Congrats - your lock is ready to use!


  1. Touch the lock
  2. Touch the restraint within about 10 seconds
    • If it doesn't say locked, try touching a different part on the restraint!
  3. Lock can be detached from the HUD if needed and reattached later. It only needs to be attached / rezzed when you need to use it.

Repeat the process to unlock.


  • Biometric Locks are generally owned by the person who wants to lock the restraint and is usually worn on a HUD temporarily while locking or unlocking
  • You must be reasonably close to lock a restraint - there is a distance limit!
  • Restraints have two touch zones, the first operates the restraint and the second operates the lock
    • On the gag, the ball is the touch zone for operating the gag, and the straps are the touch zones for locking.
  • You must touch the locking zone on the restraint within a reasonable time (10 seconds maybe) after touching the lock (or touch the restraint first and THEN the lock. It works both ways.)
  • If a dominant owns a Biometric lock, it can control any number of submissives
  • If you lose your lock or give it away, you can use another lock
  • Only the person that locked you can unlock you even if someone else has a Biometric lock. If you want multiple people to be able to unlock you, use Keyed locks.
  • Once a Biometric lock is set to a person, you can't change it, and only one person can be registered to a lock.

Keyed Padlocks

The keyed padlocks require an actual key to be opened.
They can be configured so that one key will open multiple padlocks, or each padlock will only unlock using a unique key. This allows many different combinations to be used during roleplay.
The keyed padlock's custom description default to their identification id (you can change it of course).
  1. Rez the initialisation platform for your keyed padlocks.
  2. Rez the keyed padlock set on the ground. The set will ask permission to unlink itself.
  3. Once unlinked, the initialisation platform will initialise each key and padlock in the set with a pre-set code. The initialisation script within key and padlock will then be deleted.
  4. Once initialised, the keys and padlocks will change from black to their original colour and you can take them back to your Inventory.
  5. You can now either delete the initialisation platform, or use it as household decoration.
  6. ALL the keys and padlocks are initialised with the same code, which is displayed in the DESCRIPTION field of the key / padlock when rezzed inworld.
  7. If you wish to have a code that is unique to ONE key and Padlock, you can edit the DESCRIPTION field for the key and the padlock and modify their codes so they match. HOWEVER, you must remember that if someone uses the modified padlock to lock you, only THEY will be able to unlock with their key.


Do NOT reset the scripts in keyed padlocks or keys - it will DESTROY them!

Right Click the padlock and choose EDIT, the DESCRIPTION field is right under the object name.
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