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Detcord Collar

This is a KDC Halloween special, it is only available for sale from October 15th to November 15th

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • The main locking point (the detcord loop) can only be “locked” and “unlocked” with duct tape & cutter, under RLV, it will prevent the collar from being detached.
  • The leashing ring can draw and receive chains to leash handles, anchor points, other restraints, and even restraints worn by others!
  • The igniter pin, while functioning as a regular leashing point, will act as a hair-trigger for the detonation function.

The upper part of the chest is a notoriously problematic area for clicking scripted attachments because the system avatar click hulls tend to protrude outside the body on many mesh bodies.

Because of how low they hang on the body, I've had to include oversized click “helpers” to make it possible to click the igniter and leashing ring reliably. Despite that, it might require further adjustment per-avatar. I've voiced my concerns about this problem with Linden Lab in the past and there is, unfortunately, nothing more I can do to alleviate the problem.

Supported locks


When chained, the KDC Detcord Collar igniter (this doesn't apply to the primary leash point) will act as a hair-trigger, if the leash is pulled taut in any way, it will initiate the detcord explosion:

  • Wearer pulls on the igniter chain (or is pulled)
  • Igniter china disconnects.
  • Explosion occurs (particle effect), hiding the wearer for a certain amount of time.
  • If possible (land permissions) a scorch mark will be displayed on the ground.

A few aspects of the KDC Detcord Collar can be adjusted by renaming specific notecards inside the collar's main inventory. All configuration options are case-sensitive.


This configuration flag can be used to completely disable the detonation function as if the igniter was deactivated or malfunctioning.

  • config.explosion=Yes: The collar will explode a few seconds after a chain drawn from the igniter is pulled. (Default)
  • config.explosion=No: The chain will still “break away” from the igniter when pulled but nothing will happen.


This configuration flag determinates the delay before the avatar “respawns” after detonation.

  • config.explosion.respawn=0: The avatar “respawns” after 10 seconds. (Default)
  • config.explosion.respawn=1: The avatar “respawns” after 1 minute.
  • config.explosion.respawn=X: The avatar “respawns” after X minutes.

Note: Detaching the collar will end the respawn delay, but that might not be possible if the collar has also been RLV locked (taped shut).


This configuration flag can be used to adjust the severity of the “death” effect.

  • config.death.effect=Off : No restrictions.
  • config.death.effect=Basic : Prevents movement. (Default)
  • config.death.effect=RLV : As above but also uses RLV (if available) to prevent speaking in local chat and initiating IMs.
  • config.death.effect=RLV+ : As above but also prevents, sitting, teleporting and touching world objects.

Note: RLV+ Can make it very difficult to get free in an emergency without logging with a non-RLV client, make sure that you use a reasonable respawn delay when using this option.

Bondage poses

This table contains all the special poses that the collars can initiate, the source object is the first object that you click in the touch sequence, while the target object is the second object in the sequence.

Note: These options are only available on the main leashing ring and not on the igniter itself.

Some chaining combinations will offer you to add a specific bound pose if the current avatar limb configuration allows it.

Some poses only use one arm at a time, which allows you to either bind both arms in the same pose or use a different pose on the remaining arm. Check the corresponding column.

Pose Source object Target object Description & examples single wrist
Tight front Collar front ring Any wrist cuff One hand is tied at the front of the collar. yes
Low front Collar front ring Any wrist cuff Similar to “tight front” but in a lower, more relaxed position. yes
Stooped collar front ring belt front ring The wearer is forced to bend forward. N/A

Suspension poses

Source point Image
Front collar ring

Note: Suspension will prevent the igniter hair-trigger from activating.

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