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Built to last by a local blacksmith, this cage has seen its fair share of use and abuse as shown by the amount of edge wear and the corrosion stains on the marble block it was erected upon.

Nonetheless, it will serve its new owner for a long time in exchange for a little bit of hinge grease and a touch of paint.

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • Door: Will open/close the cage, or rattle it if locked.
  • Door lockpoint: Can be used with TouchBound Padlocks to lock/unlock the door.
  • Hatch: Will open/close the feed port, or rattle it if locked.
  • Hatch lockpoint: Can be used with TouchBound Padlocks to lock/unlock the feed port.
  • Anchor plates: Can be used to leash TouchBound compatible accessories to the cage.

Supported locks

If The KDC Experiment Second Life experience is enabled on the current parcel, it will also use this feature to recapture avatars that manage to get out of the cell. NOTE: If RLV-Relay teleport is enabled, the cell will only attempt to use RLV teleport if it cannot use experience teleport.

RLV & Experience

By default, the KDC Lattice Cage will attempt to apply RLV restrictions to its occupant(s) with an RLV Relay, as soon as the door is closed.

  1. Touch distance to 1.5m maximum.
  2. Cannot use landmarks to teleport.
  3. Cannot be teleported by others.
  4. Cannot teleport home.
  5. Cannot edit the Lattice Cage itself.


The cage features 4 anchors placed (by default) on the left, right, back and top face of the cage. These anchors can be used as regular TouchBound Anchor plates however, they count as a single target, allowing you to use all 4 anchors on the same avatar, at the same time.


The cage includes a sit point with a set of 9 poses. You can change pose by using the up/down arrow keys and adjust the offset with the pageUp pageDown keys. The position chosen will be saved until the cage configuration/animation list is changed.


The pose's default Z offset is set to work for me (Kyrah Abattoir) a 1m76 tall avatar, however setting the Z offset to your liking is easy:

  • Select the pose you wish to adjust.
  • Use the PgUp/Down arrows to set your avatar to the desired height, pay special attention to the offset value, which shows up for a few seconds as a hover text in the middle of the cage.
  • Right click/Edit the cage content and find the animation you just used.
  • Change the animation name so that the height offset is at the very end of it with a SPACE right before it. Ex: “My Animation Name -0.25” (without quotes)
  • The cage will automatically reload the animation list and use this value from now on.

Adding more

All you have to do is to drag and drop the new animations inside the cage and it will be detected automatically.

NOTE: Animations are loaded in alphabetical order


The Lattice Cage comes with a notecard based configuration allowing to tweak some of its features.

**IMPORTANT!! As of version 5, the configuration is adjusted by RENAMING the different configuration notecards rather than editing their content. With the exception of the “config.whitelist” notecard.

Master Key

config.masterkey= : No master key is set.
config.masterkey=<LockID>: Keys that match the lockcode <LockID> will always be able to unlock the cage.

NOTE: Multiple LockIDs can be defined one after the other.
Example: "config.masterkey=<LockID1>,<LockID2>,<LockID3>"

Secure Lock

config.securelock=: (default) No lock restriction.
config.securelock=<LockID>: Only the Lock <LockID> can be installed on the cage locking points.

NOTE: Multiple LockIDs can be defined one after the other.
Example: "config.securelock=<LockID1>,<LockID2>,<LockID3>"

On keyed lock and key sets, the LockID will be written in the locks & keys description after they have been initialized.

Auto Open : Then door will auto-open when the lock is removed. : The door have to be manually opened when unlocked. : Then hatch will auto-open when the lock is removed. : The hatch have to be manually opened when unlocked.

Lock Time

config.max-locktime=0 : Locks will behave normally.
config.max-locktime=<minutes> : Any lock used on this object will be converted into "time release locks" so they can be removed after the configured time has elapsed.

RLV Force-teleport

IMPORTANT! Do not enable this feature unless parcel teleport routing is set to “Anywhere”!

(About Land > Options > Teleport Routing)

config.rlv.teleport=Yes : The cage will try to teleport escapees using their RLV relay.
config.rlv.teleport=No : The cage will only use experience powers to teleport escapees, if possible.

NOTE: The cell will only attempt to use RLV teleport if it cannot use experience teleport.

RLV Build/Edit prevention

config.rlv.nobuild=Yes : Cage occupants with a relay won't be able to build or edit objects.
config.rlv.nobuild=No : Default.


These two notecards determinate which skin texture will be loaded by the cage color script, possible values are: Aged,Black,Blue,Grey,Olive,Pink,Purple,Red,White,Yellow


These two notecards determinate which tint will be loaded by the cage color script, values are expressed in RGB colors <R,G,B>, if you prefer to use manual tinting, you can safely delete those two notecards.


Anchor modding

The position of the anchor plates doesn't affect their function, feel free to edit the cage and place them where you prefer, or unlink them entirely, however, do not rename them if you want to keep them functional.


A set of 10 materials is provided with the cage, basic UV maps are also provided.

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