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Isolation headphones

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • In GREEN: The zones that react as the locking tabs.
  • In RED: The zones that react as the temporary microphone button.
  • In BLUE: The zones that react as the IM toggle button.
  • in BLACK: The zones that switch between the active and inactive headset position.

Supported locks

RLV noise blocking

When worn in the active position, these noise blocking headphones will suppress all local chat and optionally IM messages. The wearer will remain free to talk but won't be able to hear any answers.

Inactive mode

If the headphones are worn around the neck (inactive position), if the wearer doesn't have an RLV client or if the RLV Activator isn't worn, the buttons on each earpiece will be grey, unlit.

In inactive mode, the buttons are not available.

Active mode

If the headphones are worn in the active position, the RLV activator is worn and the user has a RLV compatible client, The buttons on each earpiece will be brightly colored and lit.

In active mode, anyone but the wearer of the headphones can press the buttons on each sides of the headset.

Pressing the temporary microphone button and allow the wearer to hear local chat for a limited amount of time. The button will turn green and a circular timer will start to tick down as soon as it detects that no avatar is speaking.

If the timer runs out, the button will go back red and block local chat again. Anyone can click the button before the timer runs out in order to immediately turn off the temporary microphone.

Pressing the IM Toggle button will enable and disable the ability to receive Instant messages. If for some reason you do not wish to allow people to restrict your IM capabilities, You can disable this feature.

Headphone position

The headphones have two positions:

  • Active: When it is on the wearer's head and covering the ears.
  • Inactive: When it is around the wearer's neck.

The headphone position can be toggled by clicking anywhere on the frame.

They can be locked in either positions:

  • If locked in the active position, the headphones will be locked in place.
  • If locked in the inactive position it will merely prevent anyone to put the headphones in the active position.

Adjusting the headphones

The headphones automatically save the position they are put in for both possible positions, if you would like to fine tune their position, simply click the frame to toggle the desired state (active/inactive) and move the headphones in place. The system will remember the active and inactive position independently.

Special configuration options

Within the headphone inventory, there are two special configuration flags that can be adjusted by renaming the following notecards.


Rename this notecard to enable/disable the IM blocking feature.

  • cfg_CanBlockIMs=Yes - Wearer will be unable to receive IMs when the IM button is disengaged (red).
  • cfg_CanBlockIMs=No - The IM button is disabled, IMs are always allowed.


By default the IM button on the side of the headphones can be toggled by others at any time.

  • cfg_LockableIMButton =No - Default behavior.
  • cfg_LockableIMButton =Yes - If the headphones are locked, the IM button cannot be toggled.


An optional hover text indication has been added to the headphones to indicate to others when you can or cannot hear local chat.

  • cfg_ShowHoverText=Yes - Will display a hover text above the wearer's head when the headphones are in the “up” position.
  • cfg_ShowHoverText=No - No hovertext will be shown.

Coloring HUD

The headphones come with an easy to use coloring HUD that allow you to adjust independently the body, trim and metal color using a simple RGB color picker.

  • Attach the Isolation headset HUD
  • Click the color square that you wish to edit, a rainbow selector should appear.
  • Click the desired color on the rainbow selector (you can also click and drag your cursor on the rainbow selector surface).
  • When you are satisfied with your selection, hit save & exit.
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