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What is it For?

The KDC RLV Activator enables RLV functionality for the Touch Bound system products when they are used with the Restrained Life Viewer.

What is the Restrained Life Viewer?

The Restrained Life Viewer is an extension system to standard Second Life Viewers (“clients”) that makes bondage more realistic. For example, when an RLV-compatible item is worn and locked using the Restrained Life Viewer, it cannot be removed (detached) until it has been unlocked.

Details on the Restrained Life Viewer can be found here.

Where can I Get the Restrained Life Viewer?

There are several versions of the Restrained Life Viewer available:

Important Notes about Restrained Life Viewers

  1. KDC is not responsible for the the deployment or use of these Viewers.
  2. KDC cannot be held responsible for any errors or problems encountered with the general use of these Viewers.
  3. Should you encounter any problems with using one of these Viewers, please contact the Viewer supplier, not KDC.
  4. Only download alternative Second Life Viewers from their official websites.
  5. Remember KDC products all work with the official Second Life Viewer.

Is the Activator Safe?

The KDC Activator is 100% safe. It does not allow anyone to have direct control over your avatar. It is merely used as a “clip on” tunnel for other KDC products to check the RLV version of your client (and by not wearing it, RLV functions will be disabled)

How Does the Activator Work?

Providing you are running a suitable Restrained Life Viewer (see above), simply attach the Activator to a HUD point of your body to any available HUD point. It will show up as a single HUD button, in the same style as the official viewer buttons.

The RLV Activator is NOT a RLV relay!

So i can just detach it to get out of RLV?

Yes and no, once you attach the RLV activator any compatible product will switch itself to RLV mode and it will stay in RLV mode even if you detach the activator, until you detach the item, or relog (which would allow you to disable the RLV function in your client anyway).

In addition, for those who do not like wearing the activator all the time, if a compatible object is locked with in RLV mode enabled, it will remember that it was locked as such on and will not disable RLV mode on relog (your client can still be set to RLV disabled of course).

I Cannot see the hud button!

The button might be hidden under other hud elements, the secondlife UI or even be off screen. To reset it's position, detach it and right click it in inventory and choose 'Attach to HUD' and any hud location of your choice. This should reset it's position.

Extra functions

Simple pose player

The KDC RLV Activator can be loaded with any number of looped poses that you can use to temporarly override your AO movements to make it easier to click your avatar. A pose will play until you hit any of the movement keys.

You can add your own poses by dropping them into the KDC RLV Activator.


The wearer can lock and unlock the KDC RLV Activor at will, this function is simply provided to “lock it” if you don't want an outfit change to detach it on accident.

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