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Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • In RED: The zone that react as the lock point (or pull down the bib if it is up).
  • In GREEN: The zone that react as the pull down/up point for the bib.

Supported locks

Notes on locking

The lock point is concealed behind the bib and can be revealed by clicking on any of the sensing zones. Feel free to adjust their size and shape to your liking.

Sewn Pockets

Version 9 Added a special configuration notecard to the Hired Help uniforms that allows to set the uniform pockets as “sewn shut” roleplay wise. What this does in more practical terms is block access to the inventory as soon as the uniform is locked. (only if RLV is active obviously)

TO enable/disable this feature, all you have to do is to rename the notecard that can be found inside the Hired Help uniform root:

  • cfg_DressPockets=Yes - Default/Normal behavior.
  • cfg_DressPockets=No - No Inventory access when the Hired Help Uniform is locked.

Notes on adjusting the dress

While the dress is a fitted mesh, it is not the case of the sensing zone prims or the padlock. Because every avatar is different, the shape of your avatar's torso will determinate where the locking post will be. Adjusting the position of the padlock is easy if you have a little bit of experience adjusting attachments:

  • Enable “Highlight transparent objects” to be able to see the padlock position (you can also lock the dress to make it visible)
  • Right click > Edit the dress (there is no need to select “edit linked parts” fitted meshs cannot be “moved” so the only parts that will move are the ones we want.
  • Carefully, drag the editing arrows to move the padlock, the “perfect” position is when the padlock bow cross the locking post.

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