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10Gauge Nipple piercings 10Gauge Nose ring 10Gauge Genital ring 10Gauge Nose shackle U-Style Nipple Shackles V-Style Nipple Shackles

Supported TouchBound functions

Supported locks


Each nipple piercing is designed to be worn on the “chest” attachment point, because of this, you have to use the “add” button in your inventory instead of the “wear” button, otherwise you won't be able to wear both at the same time.

The piercings can be “soft” locked using the piercing tool.

On “ring” piercings, you cannot add locks or accessories as long as the captive bead is missing as they would just fall of. You also cannot remove the captive bead if the ring is is obstructed by a padlock or an accessory, you'll have to remove the padlock/accessory first.

Note: For the sake of convenience, while the shackle rings have distinct click areas for the piercing tool and the other accessories, this is not the case with the regular “ring” piercings and the object will automatically figure it out based on the rool used.


Piercings can support several kinds of decorative attachments:

  • Attaching them is done like most accessories, by clicking the accessory, and clicking the nipple ring.
  • Only one attachment can be worn per ring at any time.
  • Trying to attach another accessory will replace the existing one.
  • Accessories cannot be locked.

Light version

Is limited only to the captive bead “soft” locking, for those not interested in nose bondage.

Pulling facial expression

A new feature available in all KDC TouchBound piercings will automatically play a “frowning” animation when pulled by the leash.

This feature is enabled by default, but is completely optional.

It can be configured by renaming the notecard in the object's inventory:

  • cfg_PullEmote=M4 Will use the Utilizator M4 Venus emote system.
  • cfg_PullEmote=P4 Will use the priority 4 bento animation “TB_PULL_P4”.
  • cfg_PullEmote=P3 Will use the priority 3 bento animation “TB_PULL_P3”.
  • cfg_PullEmote=Legacy Will use a facial expression that works with the default system heads.
  • cfg_PullEmote=No Disables this feature.
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