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KDC Nose Hook

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • Locking point: Locks the nose hook in place.

Supported locks

Click & Grab function

The standalone version of the Nose Hook comes with a special feature that allows others (or the wearer) to click and “drag” the top of the wearer's head to effectively “pull” on the nose hook either forward, causing their head to pitch down, or backward causing their head to pitch up. it is accompanied with a suitable leather “creaking” sound effect.



Due to the numerous strap sections, fitting this product is a fairly advanced process. But it also means that it should be flexible enough to fit almost every mesh and non-mesh head on the market.

  • None of the mesh parts are essential, and can be swapped and/or removed.
  • All the elements have been uploaded with tweaked rotations and points of origin to allow the best possible non-uniform scaling of each strap element.

Raider Harness Gag add-on

Parts and scripts are provided to add a nose hook to the KDC Raider Harness Gag. (this modification requires a piece of land with build rights)

Step-by-step instructions :

  1. Drag the Raider Harness Gag to the ground to rez it in-world.
  2. Drag HOOK_ADDON from the KDC Nose Hook Box of Extras to rez it in-world.
  3. Right click HOOK_ADDON and pick the “edit” option from the menu to select it.
  4. Hold the shift key and left-click the Raider Harness Gag to select it too.
  5. Ctrl+L to link the two objects together.
  6. Make sure the (now edited) Raider Harness Gag is still properly selected and navigate to the Content tab of the edit window.
  7. Drag and drop into the Content tab the following items from the Box of Extras.
    • config.nose.angle=10
    • anim:Nose0
    • anim:Nose5
    • anim:Nose10
    • anim:Nose15
    • anim:Nose20
    • anim:Nose25
    • _KDC Raider Harness gag - nose hook
  8. (optional) Rename the Raider Harness Gag.
  9. Right-click the modified Raider Harness Gag and pick the “take” from the menu to put the modified version back in your inventory.

Configuration Options

A handful of configuration flags can be set by renaming notecards in the nose hook inventory.


You can adjust the nose pulling animation by renaming the included notecard “config.nose.angle” and set the nose pulling effect from 0 to 25 degrees up.

config.nose.angle=0 : Disable the nose pulling effect.
config.nose.angle=10 : The nose pulling effect will be 10 degrees up.
config.nose.angle=25 : The nose pulling effect will be 25 degrees up.

NOTE: This feature only works properly with mesh avatars with a humanoid nose weighted to the FaceNoseCenter bone.


When this feature is enabled, the wearer and other avatars can click the invisible area at the top of the head and “pull” it forward/backward to make the avatar head move.

config.grab.enabled=Yes : The click and grab feature is enabled.
config.grab.enabled=Self : The click and grab feature is enabled but only available to the wearer.
config.grab.enabled=No : Disables the feature.


By default, the KDC Nose Hook will notify the wearer in chat when someone is pulling on their nose hook.

config.grab.notify=Yes : The wearer will be notified when someone grabs their nose hook.
config.grab.notify=No : The wearer will not notified.

Styling HUD

The Styling HUD allows the KDC Nose Hook wearer to customize most of its visual aspects:

  • Base color of the leather straps (8 options).
  • Stitching color on the leather straps (8 options).
  • Harness strap backing/liner.
  • Metal parts (studs & buckles).

Note: liner and metal parts use texture tinting. You can enter RGB values manually or use presets. The presets available can be changed by editing the “Preset” Script in the HUD inventory.


The KDC Nose Hook comes with an “extra” box/folder that contains spare and alternate parts you can use for customization:

  • HOOKSTRAP_BUCKED: A curved strap with a locking buckle.
  • HOOKSTRAP_CURVED: A curved piece of leather strap.
  • HOOKSTRAP_STRAIGHT: A smaller, straight piece of leather strap.
  • HOOK_REAR: The rear hook part, to attach the rear of the nose hook strap to a collar for example.
  • HOOK_RING: Square metal ring to connect straps with each-others.
  • HOOK_PLAIN: Normal nose hook.
  • HOOK_PINCHED: Variant of the nose hook with a pinch point at the center.
  • HOOK_ZIGZAG: “Fancy” variant of the nose hook, with wavy sides.
  • HOOK_ADDON: Short nose hook with a tiny strap to connect it to the Raider Harness Gag as an add-on.
  • config.nose.angle=10: Configuration card for the nose angle of the Raider Harness Gag add-on.
  • anim:Nose0: 0° nose pull animation.
  • anim:Nose5: 5° nose pull animation.
  • anim:Nose10: 10° nose pull animation.
  • anim:Nose15: 15° nose pull animation.
  • anim:Nose20: 20° nose pull animation.
  • anim:Nose25: 25° nose pull animation.

It is recommended to keep their original names (the HOOK_/HOOKSTRAP_ part at the very least) if you want it to be recognized by the styling HUD receiver and add-on script.

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