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  • Standard crop
  • Alternative variation
  • Military variation
  • Crop holder
  • Crop HUD
  • Multi crop HUD (spade crop only)


  • Mouse look stance blending system.
  • 3 light hit and 3 heavy hit animations with held poses.
  • Hit and miss detection.
  • Custom Hit and miss sound effects.
  • Self hiding belt attachment.
  • (optional) Auto-temp-attach function.
  • (optional) 3rd person view Control HUD.
  • (optional) Compatible with KDC Doodles & Strikes bruise engine.
  • (optional, spade crop only) Dynamic blood layer.

Standard? Alternative? Military?

3 versions of the idle animation are provided:

  • Standard: The original idle animation.
  • Alternative: Like standard, but the arm is further away from the pelvis to accommodate wider hips.
  • Military: The riding crop is tucked into the armpit like a military “swagger stick”.

If you plan to use the auto-temp-attach function, keep in mind that the crop holder will only hold a single version of the Leather crop.


Using mouselook


While in mouselook, using the left mouse button will trigger a hit of the “KDC Lady Eleanor leather crop”, you can affect whether the high, medium, or low animation is triggered by aiming at a different height on your victim, but it's important to understand that the selected stance depend on your own view angle and not where you are aiming specifically.


If you do a simple “click” you will by default trigger the “light” hit sequence, holding down the mouse for a brief time before releasing it will trigger a “hard” hit.

You can hold the mouse button pressed for as long as you want and your avatar will keep its arm raised, ready to strike. Changing your view angle will seamlessly change stance.

Note: If you have shadows enabled, you can observe the stance change by looking at your avatar's shadow.

Using the HUD

Wearing the Crop HUD will allow you to control the riding crop from 3rd person view. It will allow you to directly select the high/medium/low stance directly using the buttons with the red arrows on them.


Like in mouselook mode, whether you click, or click and hold the red arrow buttons will affect wether you land a “light” or a “hard” hit. As before, you can hold the button down for as long as you like.

Hit & miss

Each KDC riding crop will automatically detect if you where aiming at someone or not and will play the hit or the miss animation and sounds accordingly. Ensure that your victim is in range and that you are facing them if you want to land a hit.

Note: The crop range can vary from 1 to 5 meters based on the actual length of the crop, a longer crop will reach further.

Auto-attach setup

Each riding crop comes with an auto attach feature that allows you to click the crop holder or the crop symbol on the crop HUD to automatically attach/detach it from your hand without RLV and without inventory clutter.

  1. Wear the riding crop at least once and then take it off.
  2. REZ the crop holder on the ground. (this is required because of how permissions work in SL)
  3. Right click/Edit the crop holder and drag/drop the hand version of the riding crop inside its inventory.
  4. Pick up and wear the crop holder, it is now ready to use.

NOTE: Do not forget to replace the riding crop inside the crop holder when you receive an update

Doodles & Strikes bruising

When wearing a KDC riding crop, a long click/release on any body part covered by the KDC Doodles & Strikes engine will deliver a crop strike instead of the normal slap, it will also mark the body with welts instead of hand marks.

Blood effect

NOTE: This applies to the spade crop only.

If you perform a hard hit on someone, the spade crop has a chance to load with a little bit of blood. The effect can be stackedf several times. Likewise, the trail of the crop will begin to turn red as you do.

If you wish to shake the blood off the spade, simply swing the crop in the air a few times.

You can hide the effect by setting the blood layer to be fully transparent. You can also change its color to something else than red if you want to.

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