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The “Shoin” Highschool uniform is based on the school uniform of the “Shoin School for Girls” founded as a missionary school in the city of Kobe Japan.

The uniform is very unusual for a Japanese school and is characterized by a monastic-style one piece dress with a large pointed collar, gathered at the waist with a leather belt and embroided with the school crest in red.

The winter version comes in a dark blue shade with contrasting white collar and cuffs, while the summer uniform is entirely white with short sleeves.

Product details

  • Designed for use with Avatar 2.0 and 2.0 Fitted.
  • Built-in auto alpha for Avatar 2.0 bodies (7kb of server ram only).
  • All four Avatar 2.0 chests supported.
  • Winter version.
  • Summer version.
  • The emblem is on a separate mesh face to allow customisation.
  • Optimized mesh with all custom LODs.

About the system head alpha

An alpha layer is provided for those who wish to use their system head, please note that no support will be provided as this was a purely coincidental feature and the neckline will not fit every avatar shape.

NOTE: The avatar 2.0 Body is still required for the winter version because the wrists of the system avatar won't line up with the cuffs of the dress.

Regulation Version

Regulation copies are not modifiable to ensure that the wearer hasn't altered its appearance.

These versions of the uniform can securely be detected by script using llGetObjectDetails() with the creator key and creation time flags.

Note: All sizes in the same style will have the same creation date.

Summer version

  • Creator UUID: 758bb591-0d9d-4907-8287-dc27b8267e24
  • Creation date: 2018-05-29T10:28:04.469772Z

Winter version

  • Creator UUID: 758bb591-0d9d-4907-8287-dc27b8267e24
  • Creation date: 2018-05-29T10:27:49.173753Z
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