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Classic Leather Muzzle

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • There are no specific sensing areas on this product.

Supported locks


The muzzle can be worn as is and will not provide any gag functions as long as a plug has not been inserted to force the wearer's mouth open.

It can still be locked to the wearer in this state.


  • If a plug has been inserted in the muzzle fitting, it will force the wearer's mouth open and impede their speech abilities (if they use an RLV client and the RLV Activator). Each plug will distort the wearer's local chat in a different way.
  • Without RLV the wearer can still use the speech garbler by using /100 before his chat messages.
  • When the open plug is inserted, saliva will start to “pool” in the wearer's mouth and will drip now and then.
  • Removing the outer cap while the open plug is also worn will cause a small gush of saliva.

The outer cap

The outer cap, while not a gag implement, will restrict RLV users to whispers only. It can be worn with and without a plug and their effects are combined.

Adjusting the muzzle

The muzzle can be slightly difficult to adjust to your avatar, here are a few pointers to help you do so.

  • Each strap can be stretched independently if you select them through the “Edit linked” option. They are also made in such a way that stretching deformation will be minimal.
  • You should adjust the mouthpiece location with the open plug on. It has a specific area within its center with just enough clearance to hide your upper and lower teeth when your avatar's mouth is open.


Currently the Muzzle comes with 3 accessories: The black closed plug, the chrome open plug and the rubber outer cap.

To install/remove a plug (or the outer cap) simply click the provided accessory of your choice, and then muzzle work by the person you wish to add the accessory to.

Accessories can be worn on your avatar or HUD (default) attachment points, in which case only you can interact with them. If they are rezzed in world (like in the KDC Shop Dungeon) they can be used by anyone close enough to click them.

The accessories have a “soft lock” mechanism, and will remember wether you applied an accessory yourself, or if someone else did. Only someone else than the wearer will be able to remove an accessory inserted by someone else.

Accessories inserted by the wearer himself can always be removed by the wearer.

Coloring HUD

The Classic leather muzzle comes with an easy to use coloring HUD that allow you to change the color and textures of the inner/outer leather, the stitching and the metal parts.

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