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Classic shock collar

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

The shock box

The shock box can be opened by clicking it when the collar is unlocked. Doing so will open it's protective lid and reveal the inside.

On the left side will be an empty socket, you can click this area to install a radio frequency module (or if one is already installed, to remove it).

There are 200 possible frequencies, from 88.1 Mhz to 108.1Mhz, when a radio frequency module is insterted, the collar will react to any radio message sent on this channel.

On the right side is a two positions red switch used to toggle the anti bark function on and off. The anti bark function will automatically shock the wearer based on the following criterias:

  • Using too many uppercase letters in a chat message (more than 50%, require at least a 5 letter message.
  • Using more letters than his average.

The anti bark function require no specific configuration as it will automatically tune itself to the wearer's average speech “quantity” and punish him for going over the average, thus encouraging this average to drop.

The remote

The provided remote has 3 memory banks to save your most frequently used frequencies (click one of the green/red pips to select a slot, click the screen to change/erase the content of that slot.

The remote can broadcast two different commands:

  • The blue button will make the collar emit an audible “ping” without sending an actual electrical shock.
  • The red button will trigger an electrical shock of the length set by the rotary knob at the bottom of the remote.

The remote can be worn on HUD, or rezzed for public use (it might require resizing as HUD objects are larger than usual). Only the OWNER of the remote can change the content of the memory slots, but anyone can select a slot.

Supported locks

Coloring HUD

The KDC Classic shock collar come with an easy to use coloring HUD that allow you to change the color and textures of the main outer leather, the strap backing, collar padding and also the metal used for the rivets, buckles and rings.

Bondage poses

This table contains all the special poses that the shock collar can initiate, the source object the the first object that you click in the touch sequence, while the target object is the second object in the sequence.

Some chaining combinations will offer you to add a specific bound poses, if the current avatar limb configuration allows it.

Some poses only use one arm at a time, which allows you to either bind both arms in the same pose, or use a different pose on the remaining arm. Check the corresponding column.

Pose Source object Target object Description & examples single wrist
Tight front Collar front ring Any wrist cuff One hand is tied at the front of the collar. yes
Low front Collar front ring Any wrist cuff Similar to “tight front” but in a lower, more relaxed position. yes
Low back Collar rear lock/ring Any wrist cuff Similar to “low front” but in the back. yes
Inv. prayer Collar rear lock/ring Any wrist cuff A very tight and high back bound pose. yes
Over head Collar rear lock/ring Any wrist cuff The wrist is bound to the back of the collar in an overhead fashion. yes
Stooped collar front shackle belt front ring The wearer is forced to bend forward. N/A
Straight collar back ring belt back ring The wearer is forced to bend backward. N/A

Suspension poses

Source point Image
Front collar ring
Back collar ring

3rd party support (soon)

The shockbox sends the following linkmessages for 3rd party developpers.

//When the radio module or the bark function have been engaged/disengaged.
llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, -90000, (string)bool_radio_enabled, (key)bool_anti_bark_enabled);
//When the user is being shocked.
llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, -90001, (string)shock_length, "");
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