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The touchbound system now features a suspension mode on compatible products.

Suspensions are special poses that automatically trigger when the wearer is being leashed to a compatible overhead anchor point, they can then be hoisted up and down.

How to trigger a suspension

  • Ensure that the 'victim' is standing directly under a compatible anchor plate and that the anchor plate is at least half a meter higher than them.
  • Click the desired bondage point on your victim.
  • Click the anchor plate.

If a suspension was available, the victim should now be suspended under the anchor point. Otherwise, the system will create a normal leash.

How to raise/lower a suspension

While suspensions can be triggered on any touchbound compatible anchor plates, only the ones explicitely designed for suspensions have the ability to raise or lower their victim.

To change the length of the suspension chain:

  • Click and hold down your left mouse button on the anchor point.
  • Slowly drag your mouse up or down, a little indicator arrow should show up indicating if the chain is currently extending or retracting.
  • Move your mouse cursor to adjust the speed and/or change from raising/lowering the chain.
  • Release the left mouse button when done.

Because of how the click and drag system works, depending of the anchor point orientation and your relative position from it, the direction you drag the mouse to raise or lower a suspension victim might change.

I don't like this, how do i turn it off?

All products that support suspensions contain a notecard called “suspension.dta”. Removing it will disable the feature if some of the suspension poses are not to your liking.

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