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Heavy Metal HeadCage

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • Lock point: Under RLV will prevent the object from being detached, can be locked.
  • Leashing points: can draw and receive chains, to leash handles, anchor points, other restraints and even restraints worn by others!

Supported locks

Versions in the package

The KDC headcage is provided in 3 versions with slight variations:

  • Normal: Partial neck pose, pre adjusted to fit most human avatars
  • M3: Slightly larger than the normal version, to accomodate M3 and other anime-type heads.
  • Stiff: Full locking neck pose, use this if you don't want the avatar's head to move inside the cage and/or if you want to scale the cage much tighter around the wearer's head.

Note that with the normal and M3 version, it is normal to experience some occasional clipping of the head through the cage as the head is allowed to tilt and rotate and there is no way to partially restrict it. It's all or nothing. I recommend to adjust the cage in such a way that most of the clipping happens inside hair and/or the back of the skull as it will look more natural than if the face is clipping.

Bondage poses

This table contains all the special poses that the headcage can initiate, the source object the the first object that you click in the touch sequence, while the target object is the second object in the sequence.

Some chaining combinations will offer you to add a specific bound poses, if the current avatar limb configuration allows it.

Some poses only use one arm at a time, which allows you to either bind both arms in the same pose, or use a different pose on the remaining arm. Check the corresponding column.

Pose Source object Target object Description & examples single wrist
Tight front HeadCage front lock Any wrist cuff One hand is tied at the front of the collar. yes
Low front HeadCage front lock Any wrist cuff Similar to “tight front” but in a lower, more relaxed position. yes
Low back HeadCage back ring Any wrist cuff Similar to “low front” but in the back. yes
Inv. prayer HeadCage back ring Any wrist cuff A very tight and high back bound pose. yes
Over head HeadCage back ring Any wrist cuff The wrist is bound to the back of the collar in an overhead fashion. yes
Ballerina HeadCage top ring Any wrist cuff <IMAGE NEEDED> The wrist is bound to the top of the headcage. yes

Suspension poses

Source point Image
HeadCage overhead ring
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