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Chaining is the core feature of the touchbound system. Every object that has one or more chaining point can be chained to another.

You can draw any number of chains on the same avatar, however, a chaining point can only emit one chain at a time, but it can receive as many chains as you want.

How to draw a chain:

  • Click the chaining point that you want to use as the emitter.
  • Click the point that you want to use as the receiver (it usually has to be a chaining point or a lock point with a receiver, like the collar back lock).
  • The chain should now be drawn.

How to remove a chain:

  • Click on the emitter that is currently running.
  • Click the receiver it is currently sending a chain to.
  • The chain should disappear.

Locked chaining points

A chaining point that has been locked can't be changed in any way, if a chain is currently running, it can't be removed and if there was no chain, a new one cannot be drawn.

This is most useful for bondage poses or leashing, to prevent the sub from removing the chains, or to prevent strangers from adding new ones.


Drawing chains is not limited to bondage cuffs and collars, there are special anchor points that can be used to leash the wearer to another object:

  • To a static anchor, this will restrict the wearer from moving too far away from it.
  • To a moving anchor, like a lead ball. If the ball move, the wearer will be pulled toward it.
  • To another avatar. If you have a TouchBound leash handle, you can draw a chain from the wearer to it and the wearer will be forced to follow. You can even leash together two people by their collar.
  • The leash length is automatically set to the distance the wearer was from the leashing target, no adjustments needed.

The leashing function is not limited to collars, you can leash from any TouchBound product that provide leashing rings.


When leashed to an object or an avatar, additional features are provided if RLV is active:

  • If the leash target moves away and the wearer is sitting, he will be automatically unseated.
  • The wearer cannot teleport by themselves.
  • If the leash target is a person, this person get the right to force teleport the wearer.
  • The wearer will automatically be restricted to only interacting with objects that are next to him.
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