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Where you looking for the Warden Straitjacket instead?


Version 1.3.1

  • Small adjustment of the minimum RLV version check because at the time of writing this, Phoenix is using a slightly lower version number for RLV ( ) everything should work now.

Kyrah Abattoir 2011/01/06 18:09

Version 1.3

  • Added support for Display names in texts.
  • Added support for User names along with Legacy names for the whitelist format.
  • Changed notecard permissions to fullperm to avoid problems with access list change detection.
  • Fixed the RLV lock to be “attachment bump” proof.
  • Removed cooldown cancelling if you tried to free yourself before the time is up (it only tells you that you are too tired now)
  • Added automatic edit prevention when using the RLV locking.
  • Modified the whitelist parsing so it ignore whitelist modifications when tied up.
  • New chest invisible prims with better coverage.
  • Removed an unneeded script.

NOTE: The leather texture pack was packaged in a previous version by error, this is fixed now. (For those who profited of the mistake, consider it a gift ^_^ )

Version 1.1

  • Initial release. (i think)

Changing the Configuration

As the Wearer

To change the parameters of the KDC Institutional Straitjacket, you need to use the SETTINGS button. This provides the following options:

  • FABRIC: This sub menu will open the fabric selection menu.
  • ACL SETUP: This sub menu allows you to control precisely who you allow some control on your straitjacket.
  • RLV OPTIONS: If you are using a Restrained Life Viewer this sub menu will allow you to configure precisely what RLV features you want (disabled by default).

As a Master/Mistress

When the jacket is untied, and providing the ACL system allows you, you can access the RLV_OPTION menu

Access Control

The KDC Institutional Straitjacket features a two level access control system: you can define who can TIE the jacket or UNTIE the jacket from using the following options:

  • NOBODY: Nobody can tie/untie the jacket. This is usefull if you simply want to wear it as a garment.
  • LOCKER: This option replace the “NOBODY” option for the right to untie you, so at least one person can untie you (the person who tied you up).
  • GROUP: Only peoples from the group you are currently in can tie/untie you.
  • WHITELIST: Only people listed in the notecard “whitelist.txt” can tie/untie you.
  • ANYONE: Pretty self explanatory, anyone can have access

Thus, using these options, you can, for example set the straitjacket so that ANYONE can tie you up but only those on your WHITELIST (i.e. your DOM/ME, partner, medical specialist :D, etc.) can untie you.

  • NOTE: someone who has access to locking/unlocking can also change the RLV configuration.

The RLV Features

NOTE: requires RLV or above

This menu allows you to enable/disable different RLV features or disable RLV completely. Any slected restrictions will be applied as soon as the straitjacket is secured.

  • ENABLE/DISABLE: Enable or disable the whole RLV system. It will automatically disable itself if you relog on a non RLV client and will send an alarm message to the person who tied you up (if applicable)
  • NOREZ: Prevent you rezzing any object from your inventory.
  • NOEDIT: Prevent you editing any object, whether inworld or worn.
  • NOTOUCH: Limits you to clicking/touching objects that are no more than 1.5 metres from you (you can still click the jacket).
  • LOCK: Activates RLV locking and prevents you from detaching/removing the jacket, it also prevent the wearer to edit the jacket, if this function is not active the jacket will simply send a warning message to the person who tied you up.

Fabric Options

The KDC Institutional Straitjacket allows a variety of fabric modules to be installed. The default texture for the jacket is a white canvas., the Jacket itself contain by default a Medical looking canvas fabric module.

You can purchase further fabric modules from any KDC vendor.

Installing New Fabrics

  1. Unpack the fabric module to your Inventory.
  2. Take the straitjacket off if you are wearing it.
  3. Drag the straitjacket object from your Inventory and drop it on the floor inworld.
  4. Locate the Inventory folder that was created when you unpacked the fabric module, and drag and drop the FABRIC SCRIPT from the folder to your straitjacket and drop it into the ROOT prim of the jacket.
  5. TAKE the jacket back to your Inventory (do NOT try to wear it while it is still rezzed inworld!).
  6. WEAR the jacket from Inventory - the new fabric module should now be available from the Fabric option of the jacket's menu.

Changing the Fabric Style

Select FABRIC from the main menu. This will display two options:

  • BASE: This allows you to choose a base fabric for the jacket itself
  • DETAILS: This allows you to choose a detail fabric for the straps, reinforcement pieces, safety loops and the crotch strap

Either option will display a multi-page menu containing all of your installed fabric nodules. Click on the fabric style you wish to use.

Struggle System

The KDC Institutional Straitjacket includes a a struggle system that allows the wearer to attempt to struggle free when strapped into the jacket.

Each time the jacket is locked, it generates a sequence of moves (how many moves depends on how securely the jacket has been tied). The wearer can then try to struggle out of the jacket by guessing what this sequence is. To do this, the wearer simply touches the jacket, which will display three options:

  • PULL

These are the options the wearer must use to try and recreate the sequence of moves need to escape the jacket. Clicking on a correct move (twist, wiggle or pull). If the right move is clicked, the jacket will send a hint. If the wrong move is clicked, the wearer gets tired and will have to wait 30 seconds before trying again.

NOTE: The sequence is changed each time the jacket is re-locked.

Adjusting the Straitjacket

In most cases, the jacket can be adjusted to fit using the EDIT/RESIZE sliders.

However, some avatar types may experience some glitches near the chest or the shoulder blades. Should this happen, press CTRL-ALT-T to reveal the jacket's invisiprim, which encompasses most of the delicate zones of the chest/back/belly. Use this prim to make fine adjustments to the jacket's position on the avatar's body.

IMPORTANT: The animation the jacket use twist the arms AND shoulders into the body, and this needs to be taken into account when adjusting where the jacket sits on the neckline!

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