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PonyPlay bridle

Supported TouchBound functions

Supported locks

Attaching and detaching the blinkers

The bridle blinkers can be attached and detached with the provided “PonyPlay bridle blinkers”, this part can be transferred and extra copies can be bought separately if needed.

To attach or detach the blinkers:

  • Attach or rez the blinkers
  • Click the bridle.
  • Click the blinkers.

The blinker HUD

The bridle is provided with a “blinker HUD” to provide additional “pony space immersion”. The blinker hud attach by default to one of the “center” HUD attachment points and will refuse any other point. By default the hud should be invisible and shouldn't obstruct normal viewer usage.

Anyone can check if the wearer is currently wearing the blinker hud by checking the Touchbound context menu on the bridle.

When the HUD is worn and the blinkers are attached to the bridle, the HUD will appear and block about 2/3rd of the screen, reducing the peripheral vision.

The coloring HUD

The bridle come with an easy to use coloring HUD that allow you to change the color and textures of the outer part of the bridle, the inner lining and the metal parts.

If the blinker HUD is worn, it's texture will be matched with the bridle.

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