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The KDC Stunprod “EIG-2-B Elektroimpulsgerät” is loosely inspired by the consumable “stun prod” item in the video game Signalis. It represents a hypothetical “revision 2B”, more durable and re-useable.

It features an improved handle with a protective guard adorned with conductive straps, to prevent an attacker from grabbing the weapon as well as an attachment ring, and a heavy gauge steel sheet core (which can be seen extending slightly outside the Bakelite body) for added durability and increased blunt force.


  • KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod - A (right hand)
  • KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod - A2 (right hand)
  • KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod - B (right hand)
  • KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod - C (right hand)
  • KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod holder (pelvis)
  • KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod HUD


  • Mouse look stance system.
  • Low/med/high sustained striking animations.
  • Threaten pose.
  • Strike or threaten action.
  • Sparking sound & visual effect.
  • Self hiding belt attachment.
  • (optional) Auto-temp-attach function.
  • (optional) 3rd person view Control HUD.
  • (optional) Compatible with KDC Doodles & Strikes bruise engine.

PBR/GLTF Materials

The current version of the EIG-2-B Stunprod support both the old material system and the new GLTF system at the same time. If you have a PBR SecondLife viewer, you will see the PBR/GLTF version of the materials. If you do not use a PBR viewer, you will see the old material variant.

The compatibility mode will eventually be phased out once enough viewers support PBR materials (for the sake of efficiency).

Variant A? A2? B? C?

The KDC Stunprod comes in 4 variants that use a different idle stance:

  • A:Held casually against the shoulder.
  • A2: Held at an angle over the shoulder & behind the neck.
  • B: Held at the avatar side.
  • C: Same as above but with a wider gap between the arm and the hips.

If you plan to use the auto-temp-attach function, keep in mind that the stunprod holder can only house one variant at a time.


Using mouse look

While in mouselook, holding the left mouse button will begin a strike, it will be held until the capacitor is drained, or until the left mouse button is released. Aiming high, level or low will select whether the striking pose will be the high, medium or low version.

It's important to understand that the selected stance depend on your own view angle and not where you are aiming specifically.

Using the HUD

Wearing the Stunprod HUD allow to control the Stunprod from a 3rd person view. You can select the high/medium/low strike stance directly using the 3 buttons marked with red arrows.

Like in mouse look mode, a strike will last as long as the button is pressed, or until the capacitor is discharged.

Strike or Threaten?

The KDC Stunprod automatically detect if you where aiming at someone or not and will either perform a strike, or a “threaten” animation accordingly. Ensure that your victim is in range and that you are facing them if you want to land a hit.

The “threaten” mode doesn't “do” anything and is here for role-play purpose. It will still consume the capacitor charge as the Stunprod will still emit a threatening spark.

Note: The stunprod range can vary from 1 to 5 meters based on the actual length of it, a longer stunprod will reach further.

Auto-attach setup

The Stunprod has a built-in an auto-attach feature that allows you to click the stunprod holder or the stunprod symbol on the included HUD to automatically attach/detach it from your hand without RLV and without inventory clutter.

  1. Wear the Stunprod crop at least once and then take it off to give it the required permissions.
  2. Rez the stunprod holder on the ground. (this is required because of how permissions work in SL)
  3. Right click/Edit the stunprod holder and drag/drop the stunprod “in-hand” variant of your choice op inside its inventory.
  4. Pick up and wear the stunprod holder, it is now ready to use.

Note: Reequipping the stunprod this way does not save the capacitor state. NOTE: Do not forget to replace the riding crop inside the crop holder when you receive an update

Capacitor & LEDs

The stunprod features a “capacitor discharge gimmick” that simulates charging and discharging from a much larger battery.

The body of the stunprod features 5 indicator LEDs on each side:

  • Red indicator on the battery compartment: purely cosmetic.
  • Blue indicator row: Indicates the current capacitor charge level.
  • Amber indicator: Flashes when the charging circuit is active.

The stunprod will automatically recharge its capacitor in the following conditions:

  • The capacitor is not full, and at least 5 seconds have passed.
  • The capacitor is empty, and the user tried to use the stunprod.

A full capacitor allows striking 1 to 4 times without recharging, depending on how long the strike is maintained.

Doodles & Strikes bruising

When wearing the KDC Stunprod, a long click/release on any body part covered by the KDC Doodles & Strikes engine will initiate a Stunprod strike instead of a normal slap, it will also mark the body with a small electrical bruise instead of hand marks.

Note: Because the stunprod acts on a button press rather than a button release, there is a noticeable delay between the button being pressed and the stunprod striking. This is unavoidable and due to Client/Server latency & object to object communication.

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