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Lined chrome ER Chrome Classic leather posture Strict leather braced Tasanee
Heavy metal Classic Pet Vermilion Dullahan Classic Leather

Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • Lock points under RLV will prevent the object to be detached, can be locked.
  • Leashing points can draw and receive chains, to leash handles, anchor points, other restraints and even restraints worn by others!

Supported locks

Bondage poses

This table contains all the special poses that the collars can initiate, the source object the the first object that you click in the touch sequence, while the target object is the second object in the sequence.

Some chaining combinations will offer you to add a specific bound poses, if the current avatar limb configuration allows it.

Some poses only use one arm at a time, which allows you to either bind both arms in the same pose, or use a different pose on the remaining arm. Check the corresponding column.

Pose Source object Target object Description & examples single wrist
Tight front Collar front ring Any wrist cuff One hand is tied at the front of the collar. yes
Low front Collar front ring Any wrist cuff Similar to “tight front” but in a lower, more relaxed position. yes
Low back Collar rear lock/ring Any wrist cuff Similar to “low front” but in the back. yes
Inv. prayer Collar rear lock/ring Any wrist cuff A very tight and high back bound pose. yes
Over head Collar rear lock/ring Any wrist cuff The wrist is bound to the back of the collar in an overhead fashion. yes
Crossed* Collar side rings Any opposite side cuff The wrist is bound to the opposite side of the collar. yes
Neck side* Collar side rings Any same side cuff The wrist is bound to the collar ring on the same side. yes
Stooped collar front ring belt front ring The wearer is forced to bend forward. N/A
Straight collar back ring belt back ring The wearer is forced to bend backward. N/A

* Pose requires a collar with functional side rings (currently, the Strict leather braced posture collar)

Suspension poses

Source point Image
Front collar ring
Back collar ring

Rivet presets

The Tasanee Collar and Classic Pet Collar have an extra “gear” icon on their HUD that allows you to select a preset for the rivet style and arrangement.

You can write you own presets by editing the configuration notecard inside the HUD itself by right click>editing it.

Each presets follows the following structure:


Where “Preset Name” is the unique name of your preset, which will be displayed on a button of the presets menu, followed by the symbol “equal” and a 12 character code that indicates which rivet arrangement you want:

  • N: No rivet on this spot.
  • R: Round rivet.
  • Q: Square rivet.
  • S: Short spiked rivet.
  • L: Long spiked rivet.

As soon as you save the notecard, the HUD will take a few seconds to reload the presets, pay attention to local chat if you aren't sure about what you write, the HUD will inform you if one of the preset entries was incorrect.

NOTE: The tasanee collar has 12 configurable rivets and the Classic pet collar has 10.

Dullahan smoke effect

The Dullahan collar has a smoke effect that can be configured by editing directly the smoke effect script “_KDC Dullahan collar smoke (edit me)“ inside the collar inventory. The important settings: on/off and color are at the top of the script and are easy to change even if you aren't a scripter.

//Is the smoke enabled or not?
integer smoke_is_enabled = TRUE;

//The color the particles start as.
vector color_start  = <10,10,10>;

//The color the particles end as.
vector color_end    = <36,23,61>;
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