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Supported TouchBound functions

Sensing zones

  • Neck Buckle - Used to lock the gag in the current (active/inactive) position.
  • Gag Ball - Toggles the gag between the active (in-mouth) or inactive (around the neck) position.
  • Gag Ball Strap - If public styling is allowed, opens the ball style selection panel.
  • Overhead D-ring - Used to draw the harness leash, can receive & draw chains.
  • Overhead Buckle - This point can be locked or used for accessories, but it is purely decorative.

Supported locks

Gag position

Clicking the gag ball when the Raider Harness Gag is unlocked will toggle the gag position between “active” and “inactive”

The position of the Raider Harness Gag can be adjusted independently for the active and inactive position, the script will save each position independently.

Inactive mode

Also known as the “around the neck” position, is the default position of the gag. In this position, the Raider Harness gag chin and overhead straps are hidden and speech restrictions are inactive, ready for play at a moment's notice.

Note: If you adjusted the “active mode” ball shape to be non-spherical (to give it a 'squished' look), the ball will revert to a spherical shape.

Active mode

Also known as the “in-mouth” position, when the gag is in this mode, the harness straps will become visible, RLV users will see their speech garbled, and drool will begin to drip from the wearer's mouth at a semi-regular interval.

Note: The gag records the shape of the ball between active/inactive mode, so you can squish the ball in active mode, and it will revert to a perfect sphere in inactive mode.



Due to the numerous separate strap sections, fitting this product is a fairly advanced process. But it also means that it should be flexible enough to fit almost every mesh and non-mesh head on the market.

  • The chin strap and overhead harness elements can be fully unlinked without script breakage, effectively turning the Raider Harness gag into a plain “one strap” ballgag.
  • All the elements have been uploaded with tweaked rotations and points of origin to allow the best possible non-uniform scaling of each strap element.

Configuration Options

  • cfg_DroolParticles=Yes Enables/Disable the drool simulation, rename to “cfg_DroolParticles=No” to disable this feature.
  • cfg_PublicStyling=Yes Enables/Disable the ability for other people to change the gag ball style, rename “cfg_PublicStyling=No” to make this feature wearer-only.

Styling HUD

The Styling HUD allows the Raider Harness Gag owner/wearer to customize most of its visual aspects:

  • Base color of the harness leather straps (8 options).
  • Stitching color on the harness leather straps (8 options).
  • Harness strap backing/liner.
  • Metal parts (studs & buckles).
  • Gag ball color.

Note: liner, metal parts, and gag ball colors use texture tinting. You can enter RGB values manually or use presets. The presets available can be changed by editing the “Preset” Script in the HUD inventory.

Ball Style

The gag ball styling panel can be opened from the HUD “Style” button (when the gag is also worn) or by clicking the strap that goes through the ball on the Raider Harness Gag itself.

Please note that this menu will not open if the back strap is locked. Other people can also change the gag ball style if public styling is enabled.

Some gag ball styles will override the gag ball color set by the styling HUD (“golf ball (w)” and “8-ball for instance”) if their texture isn't designed to be tintable.


The Raider harness gag comes with a box/folder of “extra” parts:

  • Mouth straps with a wide/narrow gap for the ball.
  • Normal and “smaller” mouth opening pose, to simulate a “tighter/deeper” in-mouth look for the gag ball.

These alternate versions have to be renamed accordingly to be detected by the scripts.

Bondage poses

Pose Source object Target object Description & examples single wrist
Ballerina Harness top ring Any wrist cuff <IMAGE NEEDED> The wrist is bound to the top ring of the head harness. yes
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