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Item name: KDC Isolation Headphones Highly detailed, realistic look
Prims: copy, modify Biometric & key locking systems
Prim count: 72
Scripts: copy Block chat and Instant messages
Script count: 3 Records time spent locked
Version: 1 RLV Enabled (via RLV Activator)
Compatible with: TouchBound System RLV Activator, Padlock Sets


  • These isolation headphones can be worn where ever you feel like, but the mouth attachment point is recommended.
  • Although this product doesn't require an RLV client, only the locking will work in non RLV mode.
  • There are four sensible zones, the slider locks ,the buttons on each earpiece and the rest of the headphones.
  • When clicking the headset, if unlocked, it will be moved from it's up (around the head) position to it's down (around the neck) position, this action doesn't work if is locked in either of the positions.
  • When the headphones are in the up position, the RLV chat blocking is automatically active.
  • When in the “up” position, everyone excepted the wearer can manipulate the buttons, toggling the chat button will allow the wearer to hear chat normally for 30 seconds, the IM button will activate and deactivate IM chat reception.
  • See the Overview for core information on how the TouchBound System works.


The Isolation headphones works with both the KDC biometric and the KDC key locking systems, but is only supplied with a biometric padlock.

  • Biometric Padlocks: Usually bear a fingerprint reader or other recognition device. They can only be operated by authorised users.
  • Key Padlocks: Are traditionally-style padlocks that require a key. However, the KDC system uses an advanced locking system. Keyed padlock sets can be purchased through any KDC vendor

For detailed information on both systems, please refer to the KDC Bondage System Padlocks.

Touch Functions

This section provides a complete overview of the possible Isolation headphones interactions. It is included for reference purposes. Given the intuitive nature of the system, I strongly encourage you to experiment by yourself, it's more fun that way :)

Note that in the instructions below, “[item 1] → [item 2]” means that you MUST touch item 1 then item 2 to achieve the desired effect; while “[item 1] ↔ [item 2]” means you can touch EITHER item 1 OR item 2 first to achieve the desired effect.

  • Headphone locking sliders ↔ Padlock: Locks the Headphones in place (if they where unlocked). Note if the Headphones are detached when locked, an alert message will be sent to the person who locked it. If the headphones are locked, you cannot use the customization HUD or change their position either.
  • Headphone locking sliders ↔ Biometric padlock: Locks the headphones in place (if they where unlocked) or unlock them (if the fingerprint matches).
  • Headphone locking sliders ↔ Key: Unlock the headphones (if the key match).
  • Headphone frame (no other item needed): Move the Headphones from the up (around the head) position to the down (around the neck) position and vice versa.
  • 'Chat' button (no other item needed): Anyone but the wearer can use this button; Pushing it will toggle on and off the headphone's internal microphone, allowing it's wearer to hear local chat, it will also start a 30 seconds timer (pictured with the colored LED rim around the button) that will automatically turn off the internal microphone after 30 seconds.
  • 'IM' button (no other item needed): Anyone but the wearer can use this button; Pushing it will toggle on and off the headphone's IM reception blocking ability.

RLV Capabilities

When used in conjunction with an RLV compatible client and the KDC RLV relay, the following options are made available:

  • If the headphones are locked in the “up position” the wearer cannot remove them.
  • When the headphones are in the “up” position, the user cannot hear local chat and/or IM chat.

Button colors

The buttons on the Isolation headset can have the following states:

  • Green: Listening on this specific channel is possible.
  • Red: Listening on this channel is not possible.
  • Gray/unlit: Control of this function is not available (either because RLV is not active or because the button is overridden by the wearer)

Instant Message blocking override

If for some reasons you do not wish to give others control on wether you can receive Instant messages or not, you can add a notecard in the root prim of the object and name it “NO_IM_BLOCKING” , this will disable the IM blocking function.


A simple configuration hud is provided with the Isolation Headphones, it isn't meant to be worn all the time and is only there to allow you to easily tweak your headphones appearance.


You can easily adjust both position that the headphones use when in the up (around the head) and down (around the neck) position by moving it like you would adjust the position of any other attachment. If you move it while it is in the “up” position it will be saved for the up position, likewise if you move it while it is in the down position, it will be saved for the down position.

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