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My ambition with this system was to go back to the roots of what makes bondage and BDSM fun, to depart from the multi-purpose collars that do everything and do not behave at all like the real stuff they are supposed to mimic. To bring a completely different, intuitive, touch based interfacing with bondage items. In my opinion, a piece of bondage equipment isn't supposed to feel like typing a text message on your cell phone.

This is a piece of bondage equipment, it's made to tie people up, not to make coffee or play Second Life for you.


The Touch System

All interactions are driven by the touch system, because of this, it's a bit hard to explain exactly what each object does because it all depends on what else you touch. The concept is very simple, touch two objects and they will understand that you want them to interact with each other. For example clicking the left cuff's tether ring then the right cuff's ring will be understood as you wanting to tie both cuffs together. The results may vary depending of the objects you clicked if those objects dispose of “special” actions as they recognize the other object.

The default action if you click A → B is always:

  • draw a chain from object A to object B.
  • if object A's chain is already in use, try the opposite.
  • if both are used, nothing will happen.

To revert an action you simply have to repeat the touch sequence.

No Element is Critical

In past bondage systems you usually had one “Master” object that had to be worn in order for the rest to function properly, it usually was the collar. In the TouchBound system, the collar is an object like the others, no object is critical, and likewise, any object is able to draw a leash, you can chain your slaves by the wrist, or the ankle, or any other point, it is not just limited to the collar.

Extendable Functions

The way the objects communicate allow to extend the functions of older objects with the functions in newer objects, even if the older object wasn't initially designed for the new functions.

Low Sim Impact

An object supporting the TouchBound system uses only three scripts (some collar systems can use up to 30!) this reduces the script load placed on the sim. Lower script load means less lag, and more fun for everyone ^_^ .

Avatar-wide Animation Management & AO Proofing

The TouchBound system use a global animation allocation system which will generally supersede most Animation Overriders without perturbing it's own animations. Every piece of equipment you wear is aware of what joints are currently under the influence of another object, if a joint isn't available for animation, the concerned animation will simply not be displayed in the menu.

The animations used in the system only animate the strict minimum of limbs they need to achieve the desired effect which allows each limb to be animated individually.

Unified chaining

Any chain points can attach to any other compatible chain point, even from one avatar to another! SImply click the starting point and then the ending point of the chain, repeat to remove the chain, it seamlessly support leashing and if you are using RLV, automatically grant forced teleportation to the person you are leashed to.

Lockmeister v2.0 compatible

All the touchbound system accessories and tools are compatible with the LockMeister system when applicable.

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