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The KDC MixMaster is a fully functional bartending system for SecondLife.

It features 25 fictional drink recipes inspired by games like VA-11 Hall-A and Space Station 13.

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Product content

  • KDC MixMaster: The machine itself, used to mix the drinks and respawn them.
  • Cocktail Coaster: The coasters can be used to set down drinks rather than dropping them.
  • Bartending Handbook: The handbook contains a quick reference to all the recipes that the machine can produce. Place it in-world if you want to provide an easily accessible reference for the would be mixologist.

NOTE: Some of the recipes are secret and aren't part of the handbook.

Making your first cocktail

  • Add the required ingredients by tapping the corresponding displays (one click = one unit).
  • Add Ice if needed (can be done at any point).
  • Age the mixture if needed (must be done right before mixing).
  • Click and DRAG the lever until it fully engages to begin mixing.
  • Release the lever after the required time.
  • If you made a mistake, you can press the flush button (bottom right) to clean the shaker and start over.


All cocktails produced by the KDC MixMaster are a combination of the 5 base ingredients:

  • Adelhyde: A very sweet, fruit based syrup.
  • Bronson Extract: A very bitter extract of Bronson roots.
  • Powdered Delta: A very sour dry chemical compound.
  • Flanergide: A concentrated spice mixture.
  • Karmotrine: A highly purified, odorless alcohol.

Up to 20 units can be used to compose a cocktail.

Mixing vs Blending

Cocktails have to be mixed a minimum amount of time to be considered complete, when the mixing handle is fully engaged, the mixing indicator will begin blinking. After about two full revolutions of the shaker (~2 seconds), the blinking will accelerate. Indicating that the drink has been fully mixed at this point.

If the recipe you are following requires blending, continue mixing until the shaker begins to spin faster. At this point your cocktail is now blended.

NOTE: Most recipes require a specific preparation (Ice/Age/Mixing). If you get the ingredients right, but the preparation wrong, a cocktail will still be produced, but it won't be the right one.

Custom Drinks

If you fail the preparation on a specific recipe, or simply mix something that is not actually a known recipe, you will end up with a “Custom Drink”. Custom drinks have generic flavors and color based on the ingredients used.

Advanced bartending

Double cocktails

Cocktails that use 10 ingredients or less can be made into “doubles cocktails” by simply doubling all the ingredients. The result will be identical, but it will have twice as many sips as the original.

Optional ingredients

Some recipes, such as many of the alcohol-free cocktails, have optional ingredients. Feel free to add as little or as much of the optional ingredient as you want (this will affect flavor and the total number of sips).


  • Click and accept the attach permission request to pick a drink up.
  • Detaching a drink will “drop” it at your feet.
  • Once attached you can click the drink in your hand to open the drink menu.
  • “Drop” is an option for clients that have issue with detaching temporary attachments.
  • “Drink” to manually take a sip from your glass.
  • “AutoDrink” toggles the automatic drinking function (your avatar will take a sip every now and then until the glass is empty.

NOTE: If you are holding a cocktail, clicking a coaster will place your glass on top of it.

Every now and then, drinking will have your character detect a flavor in your cocktail. Flavors depend on ingredients and the beverage type.


The KDC Mixmaster comes configured out of the box and you don't have to change anything to make it work. Simply rez the “KDC MixMaster” on a counter top and you are good to go.

Optionally, add a few coasters facing where you intent to serve patrons and the handbook somewhere convenient.

There are 4 configuration notecards that can be *renamed* to adjust the machine's behavior.


Possible values:

  • _config.allow.drop=Yes : Cocktails can be dropped on the ground or placed on coasters.
  • _config.allow.drop=No : Detached drinks will simply disappear.


  • _config.allow=All : Everyone is allowed to operate the machine.
  • _config.allow=Group : Only members of the group the machine is set to are allowed to use it.
  • _config.allow=Owner : Only the owner of the machine can use it.


  • _config.rez.count=X : Where X is the maximum amount of drinks the machine is allowed to rez at any given time.


  • _config.rez.temporary=Yes : Drinks are set as temporary after rezzing, doesn't use LI, but drinks disappear after ~60 seconds.
  • _config.rez.temporary=No : Drinks are permanent but will still auto-clean after 5 minutes. This option uses LI.

Making a custom recipe

Recipes are represented by notecards:

  • Name: The name of the drink, it is also the name of the drink object that will be used.
  • Taste: Used by the handbook for the “taste” sorting mode.
  • Type: Used by the handbook for the “type” sorting mode.
  • Type2: Used by the handbook, but only shown on the drink page itself.
  • Recipe: A special string that describe the recipe of a cocktail.
  • Preparation: How the drink has to be prepared.

Recipe encoding


Where each “_” is a number from 0 to 9 indicating each ingredient requirement:

(A)delhyde (B)ronson Extract, Powdered (D)elta, (F)lanergide and (K)armotrine.

'N' can also be used instead of a number, it means that any amount of that ingredient is valid.

Preparation encoding

The preparation string indicates how the drink has to be mixed:

M: Mixed
B: Blended
I: Add Ice
A: Age
N: Any preparation will be valid.

Note: The preparation has to be at least one letter, either M,B or N, letter order is not important.

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